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India, unlike any other destination is a bamboozling land thriving on its assorted culture, colours, landscapes and traditions that are sure to bedazzle you as a traveller.

Our Philosophy

Indian Chakraa is a novel company living its PASSION FOR TRAVEL. We pour in this passion to design our amazing array of products, which are polished as per our own experiences. This way, we bring to you not just travel products but magical experiences and memories to take back. Our travel experts are an assorted mix yet distinctly individual sharing their love for travel, exploration and India! Each of our soul-stirring journeys is complimented with sincere care and ground support.

Expertise and Destination Awareness

We offer honest recommendations, based on our experience, knowledge and your travel aspirations.
Our fun, qualified & knowledge-rich Guides liven up your journey to India and turn them into Magical experiences.

Personalised Service & Sincere Care

For us, your holiday starts from the time you call us with a plan. Unlike any other service provider, we spend quality time understanding you, your interests and your travel dreams, so we can create an IDEAL TRAVEL EXPERIENCE to match you. We keep our itineraries flexible with no fixed agenda, so you feel like a holiday. Rest ensured that you will be fully safe and get round-the-clock support on your India arrival.

Tailor-Made Travel

Dream of a Maharaja living?
Or Fancy a rustic stay in a village
Or in a Houseboat?
We can help you discover a seamless trip, exclusively made for you.
Your dream trip.
Our expertise.

Our Company

We have one vision here at Indian Chakraa : Create Mystical Travel Experiences! Though recently established, Indian Chakraa
(a Unit of KTC India) is backed by seasoned Travel Professionals with a collated work experience of more than 90 years and passionate young travellers with a keen eye for exotic travel experiences in Indian subcontinent.
Share the joy of Travel with us! Which Indian destination are you yearning to travel?

The Team

Every team member is a true travel enthusiast. Each has the training and expertise in the travel industry to make journey planning a joy. We believe that our team of travel experts are the best in the business. We want to share some of our passion for travel with you to let you know the destinations & experiences that we have fallen in love with in the Indian sub-continent. So, if you have any questions about Indian destinations, then don't hesitate to contact us. After all, if we're not actually travelling, talking about it is our next favourite thing.